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  • Purification of Sins - (Having achieved the purification of sins, Jesus sat down at the right hand of God to intercede for his people as their faithful High Priest) - {PDF Copy}
  • Then He Sat Down - (Jesus is the Son whom God appointed as our merciful and faithful High Priest after his suffering, death, and resurrection) - {PDF Copy}
  • Once For All - (The promise a New Covenant finds its fulfillment in the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus and the permanent priesthood he now holds) - {PDF Copy}
  • His Priestly Qualifications - (Jesus qualified to become our high priest by participating fully in human suffering, weakness, and death) - {PDF Copy}
  • Merciful and Faithful Priest - (Jesus is well-equipped to be our faithful and sympathetic High Priest, having participated fully in humanity’s deadly plight) - {PDF Copy}
  • His Endless Priesthood - (The inability of the Levitical system to cleanse sins necessitated the new priesthood inaugurated by the death and resurrection of Jesus) - {PDF Copy}
  • Surpassing Moses - (The word of the Son is superior even to the word of Moses, the servant and Great Lawgiver in the house of Yahweh) - {PDF Copy}
  • Priest Forever - (His priesthood is superior since it rests on his endless resurrection life. He is the priest after the order of Melchizedek) - {PDF Copy}
  • The Tent Pitched by God - (Jesus intercedes without ceasing for his people in the true heavenly Tabernacle, one not made with human hands) - {PDF Copy}
  • Change of Law - (The new priesthood after the order of Melchizedek inaugurated in Jesus also means a change in the Law - Hebrews 7:12) - {PDF Copy}
  • Sanctuary and Priest - (Jesus is the Greater Sanctuary foreshadowed by the ancient Tabernacle and the High Priest forever who serves in it) - {PDF Copy}

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His Superior Word

The Purification of Sins