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  • Shadows and Substance - (The types and shadows of the old covenant find their substance in the Son of God, in his priesthood and New Covenant – Hebrews 8:1-5) - {PDF Copy}
  • His Incomparable Covenant - (Jesus inaugurated the superior New Covenant through his Death and Resurrection, rendering the old covenant obsolete – Hebrews 8:6-13) - {PDF Copy}
  • The Tent Pitched by God - (Jesus intercedes without ceasing for his people in the true heavenly Tabernacle, one not made with human hands) - {PDF Copy}
  • His Superior Word - (God spoke His definitive word in His Son, Jesus of Nazareth. All previous words spoken in the prophets were preparatory, promissory, and partial) - {PDF Copy}
  • Covenant and Creation - (The promises to Abraham are fulfilled through Jesus in the New Covenant inaugurated by his Death and Resurrection) - {PDF Copy}

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His Superior Word

The Purification of Sins